for the last few years I've been using the org P.R. And my p.r.1 has held up amazingly well...shouldn't need replacing for a year or three at this point. If asked what my choice for a replacement would be, I'd sing out the "MSR1". But I've been doing some reading and stumbled across the BRS burner assembly. the cost seems to be about 18$(us) while the msr2 at 45$ (the only one that's available as new from MSR- not quite apples to apples but real world non the less. The bsr is, to my eye, clearly looks to be a knock off of the P.R 1 a design that I've come to appreciate in the MSR. ( with a few wrinkles that I would want in my old #1 , like shorter arms that better hold hold my smallish cook pot-with less fear of it sliding off the burner assembly) If you can get past the fact that it's a copy of the P.R.1. the BRS is priced right at 18$ us. the weight puts the MSR2 to shame.... the brs's sevelte 25 g. puts it head and shoulders above the msr product at 73g... I think the time is right for me to try the lightweight challenger and not wait for the oldie to die.

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