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Hey everyone, I am loving all of the stories people are sharing on here about their experiences in the back country and now it is time to sort of share mine. I went snow shoeing in the Rockies with some friends from work as we tried to make it to an old ranger station we say while working in the area. He had a long walk up a hill that was covered in snow (think 0.75 meters deep while wearing snow shoes) and to make a long story short, my leatherman fell out of its case when I fell into the snow.

There was no way to find it, so I just conceded defeat and continued on my way. This leatherman was probably about 40 years old as my dad gave it to my brother who gave it to me; I think it is time for a new multi tool. I am considering leatherman again as they are amazing but wanted to see if anyone has any other suggestions for a good multi tool/pocked tool I can buy first. Thanks in advance.

So I decided to get a couple mutli-tools as I realized that only having one can be a recipe for disaster. I went and got a Leatherman Skeletool and also some small multitools that I found in my local outdoors man shop. Thanks for the advice, made me think about what I really want.