I have a seldom-used (read never used) Etrex-20 GPS receiver that I am willing to give to someone who can use it. I will include a downloaded copy of the user manual (for what it is worth). All I ask is: 1) that you pay the actual shipping to your location plus $5.00 for packaging and 2) that you promise that it will be accepted for your personal use only and that you are not claiming it for resale.

PM me if you are interested. I will collect the names of those who would like it for a week and then hold a random-choice drawing. Please include your postal zip in your reply so I can calculate shipping for the successful claimant. PayPal only please.

Please note: In the past I have given stuff away and later learned that it went up for sale on another gear site. I, personally, consider such to be behavior totally unacceptable for members of the backpacking community. And, I have no interest in contributing free merchandise to someone's kitchen-table eBay enterprise.

Also, I have been informed that my PM box is full. Please give me 8 hours from the time mark on this post to clear some PM space. Thanks.

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