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Many around here have given up on large multi-tools in the name of simplicity. I still have a certain nostalgia for my big swiss army knife I bought when I was a kid, but have been considering toning it down a bit.

Before looking for a multi-tool I would try to define what tools you need/want and look for the tool that hits those without too many extras. For me, I find in the backcountry I use scissors quite often. Tweezers get used fairly often for splinters. Unlike some in the lightweight hiking community I find I need a decent sized blade to hack through the most unruly salami's I regularly encounter while backpacking.

I've been eyeing up the leatherman Style CS for a while, but I'm not sure if the knife is long enough for me.

Those salami can be quite a handful, almost makes me want to bring my Bowie.

If you think the CS blade might be small then a Skeletool might be the one for you. I am going to keep searching, I used to have a Wave and probable use half the tools so slimming it down is a good idea.