Here in Michigan woods it is easy to get off track even with a map and compass. In many areas you cannot see more than 500 ft and marked trails change directions frequently so even if you know what direction the trail is headed now it will more than likely be headed in a different direction a few minutes from now. Often even 180°. There are many two track roads which are not shown on any map because they were just made to get to someones hunting camp. Frequently you do not know exactly where you are until you get to a major land mark like a main road, river, lake etc. Knowing how long you have been walking is not a good indication of where you are due to the winding nature of the trail. A mile of walking may only be 1/2 mile away from the last know point. The map helps if the trail is shown on the map but if it is not shown on the map you have to wait until you get to some landmark.