Hi guys I'm new to the Forum. I signed up because I needed a place to ask a serious question about bivys. First of all I am not a Backpacker. I do enjoy hiking with my wife once in awhile though. My primary sport is bikepacking where we load all of our gear on our bicycles and we ride to a spot to camp out. It is essentially the same as backpacking only you're using two wheels instead of your feet to get there. I am going minimalist and learning how to go with as little gear as possible. Some of my friends carry full setups with pannier bags and they really carry a ton of weight. I myself prefer to just take a tarp, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad. But I need something to keep the bugs off of me in Iowa. So I'm looking into a very lightweight bivy to sleep under my tarp with. My inexperience on bivies is why I am here. I was wondering do a lot of year-round Backpackers buy an ultra-light bivy with a net over the face and then use that year-round, or do they buy a bivy for every season? The other question is can you get by with just a bug bivy during the warmer months to keep mosquitoes and creepy crawlies off of your face and in the colder months not use a bivy at all? I do not know enough about bivies to know if they also help keep you warm? I'm looking at an ultra-light bivy from a company called Borah.