hi everyone,

traveling from northern va to souwthwestern va for a weekend camping/hiking trip near mount rogers/grayson highlands area of the appalachian trail. i've never been camping and have really only done a small hike here and there. i'm borrowing a tent my bro in law says is pretty easy to set up and will have a sleeping bag. going to camp at a site so there's a bathroom and stuff. just planning on wearing regular running shoes and won't hike more than 5 miles or so in a day. i'll only be there friday night/saturday/saturday night/sunday, so not going all out with food (just plannign to bring pb sandwiches and some fruit - no stove or anything). Will stop into a visitor center for maps, bring a flashlight, and an extra power block to charge my phone. Will bring sunscreen and possibly bug spray, basic toiletries, toilet paper, and towel. mostly just want to try it out and get the "i did it" feeling to see if and how i want to do it again, but would be open to tips or things i'm not thinking of. i know it's supposedly "bear country" but given how well populated it is i figure i'll be fine as long as i put my food up and away.

i'm excited!