Probably your trip is over by now, so I will answer in general. For this purpose one can consider using a simple mobile radio transceiver with a solar panel, and an external wire antenna. The communication range of radio tranceivers is related to their watt output, frequency range and antenna type. One may need a permit for this equipment.

It seems wise to ask these questions also on a local internet forum of the destination area.

Solo hiking is highly unsafe IMO, especially in predator areas and cold climates. People at home should know exactly when to call in search and rescue, and where to search.

For a trip like this one needs to carry a survival kit and light-weight survival manual.

For signaling one also needs a signal mirror, signal whistle, orange tent, and crank flashlight in a transparent waterproof plastic bag.

For navigation a printed map and a non-electronic compass are necessary as a backup.

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