1. Can plasticizer from the footprint under a tent harm the waterproof coating of it's groundsheet?

2. I want to make a cheap footprint for a small double walled light-weight tent. This tent is expensive and modern, and is made of synthetic fibre.

3. The ground-sheet of this tent is very thin, like the fabric of an umbrella. This ground-sheet has a waterproof coating, and forms a bathtub floor, that is sewn to the walls of the inner tent.

4. I have read stories, that one should not use a piece of ordinary plastic sheet as a footprint, since that plastic might harm the watertight coating of the tent ground-sheet. Plasticizer from the plastic footprint would harm the coating of the ground-sheet in that proces.

5. Is this a real danger, or is it a myth, that is made up by manufacturers, who want to sell expensive footprints?

6. If this would be a real danger, how fast will this harm be done, and in what weather temperature range?

7. Could I then repair that type of damage, by applying a new layer of coating to the underside of the groundsheet, by spraying or brushing?

8. Which footprint materials could harm the coating of a tent groundsheet? Like PVC, or PE, etc.?

9. Which footprint materials are safe in this respect?

10. Where could I find information or discussion on the internet, concerning these questions?

11. Wikipedia on plasticizer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plasticizer

Thanks for your replies.

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