hike's over and in the record books. and I've calmed down enough to report back on it. I say "calmed" because while on the hike the cache was stolen! Ultimately I'll have to take responsibility for this since I choose the location) I didn't realize how busy the junction of fs23 and 8810 was until on the trail and heard from other hikers how busy that junction really was-too late to do anything but press on.( hidden when no one was around and the bucket was well placed under a log and inside of a black plastic trash bag.) But, when I passed thru, I couldn't find the cache....looked for about 45 minuets before giving up and continuing on my hike. ( as it turned out I packed way too much food in the bpack as wasn't all that dependent on the cache...I would of liked to add the spare gas canister at that point- but I muddled by without, quite fine) after the hike I returned to both, fine AND retrieve the bucket. looked for about an hour and never came across any sign that it had ever been there. live an learn, I suppose!

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