I just found out on my Sawtooth wilderness backpacking trip a few weeks ago that when I put 6 days worth of food in my pack it is no longer ultralight. I have all my gear in check except for my food. Im 6'4, 205. My food is averaging about 2 lbs a day. I would like to get it a half pound to a pound a day lighter. My daily food look like this ( knorr pasta, tuna, a few granola bars, couple packets of oatmeal, beef jerky, slim jims, instant coffee, gorp, and a few other thing) I also added a plastic jar of peanut butter and tortillas. I barely touch the peanut butter on this last trip.

I have some knee issues so I am only backpacking 6 -8 miles a day depending on the elevation gain. My l;ast day in Sawtooth I did 9 miles but it was a steady mild slope down hill