After a 2 and a half day drive we finally made it to the trail head for the Petit Lake / Toxiway Lake loop. Normally this is a 20 mile 2 to 3 day backpacking trip but since we were in no hurry and really wanted to explore and relax we did this in 5 days. We ended up not doing the full loops because my knee started bothering me and I was worried about the second pass we had to climb which was a 1100 ft elevation gain. There was also a recent avalanche on the pass that was causing backpackers to get lost.

Day 1 We hike over a small pass with about a 600 foot elevation gain. Coming straight from Texas at see level and now at 8000 feet I felt like I was a smoker. I became out of breath rapidly. Night 1 we stayed at Mcdonald lake which was a beautiful alpine lake just shy of the Wilderness boundary

Day 2 we enter the wilderness section.

There were lots of beautiful water falls and a great view of the White Cloud Mountains

Day 3 we hung out at Farley Lake. A pretty popular Alpine Lake in Sawtooth

Day 4 we had planned to backpack all the way to Toxiway lake. At this point my knee started bothing me. Other backpackers where telling us that Toxiway lake was over crowded. With the combinations of my knee and the crowds we decided to stop at this no name lake just shy of Toxiway Lake. My companion on the trip, Shanti, she thought this place was the Garden of Eden. She had never seen anything so pretty in her life. A beautiful Lake with an impressive water fall flowing into it. Both of us really enjoyed this lake

The final day we decided to backpack all the way back to the trail head. we spent the next 10 days day hiking in Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, Southern Utah, Sedona and on the last day we stopped in Ft Sumners, NM and visited Billy The Kids. What an Awesome trip

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