Welcome Joe. Hammockforums.net is a great one. As Brian said, There's definitely a learning curve, but that can be part of the fun. A complete camping setup (hammock, suspension, tarp, bug net, quilt, etc) can be expensive, especially the quilt, but it doesn't have to be. When I got into it, I decided I had more time than money, so I got the cheapest hammock I could find and made my own suspension and tarp. Instead of a quilt, I put a sleeping pad in the hammock, under me. I've since made a better hammock with. They can get quite fancy, but your average basic hammock is a really easy project if you're even nominally handy with a sewing machine. The DIY route isn't for everyone of course, but I want to make sure you're aware of all your options. Instructions, links to materials, etc. can be found on the forum I mentioned. Good luck!