I'm still using my Powermax canister fueled Stoves -

Exponent Expedition twin burner - I have lifetime
supply of Powermax canisters and use it exclusively for Car Camping trips. 10,000 BTU per burner

Exponent eXtreme single burner - 14,000 BTU, 11-ozs

Exponent F1 UL - 16,000 BTU 2.5-ozs That's not a typo this thing cranks out the heat and beats all other canister stoves in sheer BTU power.

Giga Power - 10,000 BTU, 4.5-ounces with windscreen (Snow Peak) lives in home emergency cooler food kit.

Sold my original 1983 era Whisperlight stove with 3 large fuel bottles and new pump to a Boy Scout Leader in NYC for $50.00 ten years ago. And gave away a SuperFly stove both (MSR).