I've used it on a couple of weekend trips, and it seems to work pretty well. Like you, I shake-clean it after every use. I think I'd also carry a spare filter element for longer trips, in case the primary clogged up.

I hadn't thought of the gravity filter - I may play with that a bit. Thanks for the idea.

I also found a better way to fill the bulb. If you hold the filter at about a 45 degree angle, the bulb fills completely after 2 or 3 squeezes, with no need to remove the hose.

All in all, pretty neat. Still not sure it will replace my Autoflow (the MSR version of the Platypus - kind of like they used to differentiate Buick and Pontiac by the logo.) Technically, it weighs 8 ounces more, but most of that is the dirty water bag; since the bag replaces the 4 liter Dromlite I carry with the Trailshot, the real difference is more like 2 ounces.