In my, so far unfulfilled, quest for the perfect rain gear I have sewn around ten hooded rain jackets. I have used Pertex, Goretex, kite Tyvek, silnylon, Shirley cloth and cotton/nylon blend as materials. So far, the best I have made is the Parcho offered by Quest Outfitters. It is made of silnylon, weighs 7 oz., is an unusually well ventilated coat and it can be worn over my pack.

Not too long ago I made three rain jackets of the same pattern (a modified Rainshed pattern) using silnylon, Pertex and Goretex. Weights ranged from 4.5 oz. in silnylon to 15 oz. in Goretex. None of them breathed particularly well although the Pertex and Goretex were advertised as breathable. Of the three, I liked the waterproof silnylon best; it kept the water out better and condensation was not much different from the breathable fabrics.

So far, at least as my experience has shown, if it is going to rain, you are going to get wet. The gear you choose may have some influence on comfort and wetness but you will still get wet. Pending some unforeseen tech breakthrough, the score is presently: rain one, technology zero😀.

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