Hey all!
New here, and I'm looking to buy a new backpack for my day-to-day work (not really camping or anything).
I don't really know any details about backpacks or if there's any technical info or terms, just what I want laugh.

Most days I just have a notebook or two in my backpack with a tshirt and camera, along with pens, pencils, erasers, my phone charger and cable, and water in the side pocket. Occasionally I like carrying my laptop in my backpack as well. I don't live in the same city as my parents, so when I go to visit them every few weekends, I use just the backpack stuffed with my laptop and a couple more clothes.
I've had an Eddie Bauer "Air Tech System" backpack for about...5 years now? It's right strap has almost detached (despite me trying to stitch it back) and the base had frayed to the point where I had to sew a cloth to the bottom for reinforcement. I can't find it being sold anywhere online right now to show you what it is, but here is a picture I found:
I'm 30, about 70kgs and walk about 5km to and from work every day with my backpack.

Not sure how to distill my needs better. Durability. Special compartment for my 15.6 inch laptop would be nice. Side-pocket that fits larger water containers would be nice. Solid base for all the time it'll be on the floor would be nice. I've got slight back issues, so something that won't destroy my back in the long run would be nice.

So....help? laugh

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