Every time I've gone backpacking, I have never brought a stove. It is simpler for me to bring a hatchet and make a camp fire instead. In the long run, a nice 40 dollar hatchet and generic sharpening stone will turn out cheaper than purchasing fuel for your stove.

Cons: Hatchet weights 2 pounds

Pros: It is a WHOLE lot of fun to use laugh and it is cheaper than fuel

Sidenote: from an environmental standpoint, it would seem like cooking food with fire is more eco friendly than creating a demand for fuel by using a stove. However, to properly analyse this situation we would need to know what chemicals are released from a campfire, we would also need to know what is being burned. So its unclear to me which of the two are more environmentally friendly, on the long run i always try to combust the bare minimum possible.

On another sidenote: You can cut off weight by not bring a hatchet and using sticks that lay on the ground. Saws are very light.