The San Jaun doesnt run through the Grand Staircase, the Escalante river does and none of it is on Navajo reservation. The San Jaun is. You need a backcountry permit for the San Juan and anything around Cedar Mesa.

I am a regular backpacker to southern Utah. I know about almost every canyon there. You are going in August which is still Monsoon season which means flash floods which can mean death. Do your research before even attempting a southern Utah backpacking trip. Canyon hiking is a whole other monster compared to mountain hiking. Without any experience I wouldn't venture off without someone who knows the area. A GPS isnt going to help you in a canyon. If your map reading skills are not top notch then you have no business in any of the back country in Southern Utah. I cant stress this enough.

The San Juan flows into Lake Powell and runs through parts of Glen Canyon National Recreational on the eastern side. On the western side of Glen Canyon is the border of The Grand Staircase.

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