I restored my Mini to pretty good shape with several alternating warm water and vinegar treatments. I recently took it on a Grand Canyon trip in late June - early July and conclude that it's fine as a backup but insufficient for hot-weather full-time use. Where we were hiking in the Grand Canyon there was plenty of excellent tap water readily available which we drank a lot of all day long. I took one side trip up Phantom Creek and gave up my tap water to a couple who had run out and were taking a break in one of the few shady spots on the main trail. I immediately filled my bag with clear creek water and started trying to sip from the Mini attached to the bag. There were two problems with that approach: First, I was consuming a lot of water in the July heat and I practically had to stop walking to squeeze the bag to get a decent flow. Second, carrying the bag with the filter attached put a lot of stress on the top of the bag by the screw top no matter how I held it.

The Mini is fine in winter, but before I go out again in the summer I'll get something like the Squeeze.

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