Thanks for the backpack suggestions wink I ended up buying a Dana Design K2 short bed with 99+L capacity used for 140$ on ebay (the color is midnight blue which looks epic). The "short bed" is an awesome looking external frame, ill be able to strap just about anything on there!

As for everyone's suggestion to setup food caches, i will keep it in mind and may resort to that if my pack turns out to be painfully heavy but i dont expect it to be.

This trip isn't a race, its a fishing/trapping and exploration trip, throughout my hike i will be walking next to countless rivers and freshwater lakes and i wont be in any hurry as i start college in January . I mentioned earlier " feel the victory as i set up tent after 20 km of bushwalking" ive not a clue how fast i will walk each day. Especially since the route im using has not been maintained since the 17th century, i will constantly be looking for ways to cross mountains and rivers etc.

As for the loop mentioned , i dont know how i will react to a heavy pack as ive never carried so much weight before. i guess i will burn alot of calories, so then i will eat my day rations and lose weight until eventually my pack will become lighter and i will walk farther. One thing is for sure this will be a great learning experience.

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