So i am a very cold sleeper and I am a man. I am thin though. In April I did a backpacking trip into a canyon in Utah. Night time temps got down to about 28. With my now cold weather system I didnt get cold but I wasnt comfortably warm. A few more degrees and I probably would have gotten chili. My cold weather system I used. EE revelation 20, Xtherm pad, SOL escape bivy, Heavy weight merino wool from head to toe. I use a SMD tarp but I can bring it all the way to the ground to retain heat. So with all that I think I can at least ditch the SOL escape bivy. It weighs 8 oz and go with something else. A friend of mine told me that I might stay warmer with a bag than a quilt with temps that low. Would it be better to go with a 10 degree zpacks sleeping bag or maybe a 10 degree EE covert or an 0 degree EE Revelation. Which is the warmer. I have heard the zpacks pack are over stuffed