I've got a twist on this twist and I have a related question.
I have repackaged before and noticed no difference, but on those occasions I used it within a couple weeks of repackaging.
Almost 2 years ago I repackaged a weeks worth of MH food shortly before a scheduled trip, making single servings. Each serving was put in a freezer zip-lock bag with 1 oxygen/dessicant pack included. When I didn't end up going, I put in all in a bear canister and figured I might be able to use it next time.
As it turns out (so far!), the next time will be in July and I'm wondering if the stuff is still good! I'm planning on trying a sample before I head out but thought, like waldo, that I'd post it to see if anybody else has experience with this issue.
I plan to post a follow-up on my results but am interested to hear your thoughts!!