This is for my daughter,
I'm looking for a place to start, shes 5'8 semi-athletic, average build.
Would like to keep it under $200.00
About 2.5 - 3 pounds and 60-65 liters.
She has been doing a lot of outdoor classes for school, trapping, tagging and a lot of time in the woods.
Her pack would average 30 pounds but may creep up to 35 pounds for a weekend trip, depending on the equipment she would need for that specific trip.

She is allergic to down so I ordered her the lightest synthetic 20 degree bag I could find. I may give her my Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 also. I have a ton of other gear that I can give her but need a pack. She would be fine with 50 liters for her weekend gear but I wanted her to have a little room for expansion, cameras, binoculars and other gear she may need as each trip would be different.

I know you should buy the pack last but using the gear I have now, I'm sure that this will not be a problem.
This would be for three season, mostly PA but also Maine, Vermont, New Jersey, Maryland.

I have a Gossamer Gear Gorilla and love it, I was thinking the GG Mariposa would be perfect, it's a bit pricey but so far it's the only one that fits the bill so-to-speak.