So I'm newer to backpacking. I posted a question recently about my gear selection and got a lot of help here. I've been using the Sawyer Mini here in Montana where I live backpacking. The Spring Runoff is bad this year. It's also causing a lot of junk, debris, and probably bacteria to get into the water in creeks I backpack along.

I'm sort of paranoid or fearful of illnesses on the trail. The ticks are also really, really, bad this year. I really don't want any tick-borne illnesses so I've treated my clothing with Permithirn which has worked well for me. Now what about water?

I've researched CDC articles on the topic and the only surefire way to treat water for complete bacteriological safety is boiling. Boiling is such a pain. I've also thought about Purchasing a Grayl Water Bottle which is a purifier. I do like how convenient the sawyer mini is, but there appears to be certain diseases the CDC says filters won't handle well at all.

Many of these diseases are viral but not all of them. In the Northwest do I need to worry about waterborne diseases outside of what the sawyer mini won't take care of? What's your experience with this?