I've got a Camelbak Mule hydration backpack. It's a nice little pack. However the water tastes dreadful out of the Antidote bladder. Think water that's been sitting in a garden hose in the sun on a 100 degree day. Plastic taste.

I went for a hike with my 10 year old last week. I decided to give the bladder one more shot (cleaned thoroughly first) as I've been using the pack with stainless steel water bottles and no bladder for quite a while. He could barely drink it as he complained of the taste. I agreed with him, it was terrible.

The thing is I noticed this bad taste soon after buying it. I went through all the suggested bladder cleaning processes like using Bicarbonate soda. All achieved nothing. So I emailed Camelbak thinking surely that there must be something wrong with the bladder. After all, this product has great reviews and is a bit of a standard.

Camelbak were great and sent me a new bladder. Unfortunately it was exactly the same as the original, despite all the same cleaning routine. The water makes us feel ill. This cannot be good for your health.

I'm now convinced this is just as good as this product gets and I'm looking for an alternative bladder. Otherwise it's stainless steel bottles, which is OK but less convenient and heavier. At least I don't get poisoned that way.

I know it can be done, cask wine and many processed foods and drinks are packed in flexible materials that don't impart chemical compounds into the food or drink.

Any suggestions on alternative bladders?

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