Hello, my name is Tina.

I consider myself a casual/recreational hiker. LOVE the outdoors - get out when I can but my schedule is whacky. It's been difficult to plan day hikes with friends - schedules not meshing.

Last backpacking trip was Rae Lakes Loop 2016. Was a tiring but fun trip.

Going to do Half Dome for the first time in September. Kind of prepping for that now (going to do Mt. Baldy a couple times at least for 'training').

Have a bad knee that puts kinduva damper on things but nothing a knee brace won't temporarily cure.

I'm hoping to get some inspiration/tips/stories from people (preferably female solo hikers) here to NOT be afraid to go on day hikes alone. I have some irrational fear about hiking alone.. but I'm DESPERATE to get outdoors! I think the city life has gotten to me. I feel... stuck?

Anyway, looking forward to chatting here.