Hello all, I would like to buy a 70L backpack(btw, I carry a maximum of 50 pounds, 40 preferred). The North Face Fovero 70 is what I would like. This is sold in S/M and L/XL (I guess, because it can be adjusted)
However according to The North Face Sizing Chart, I fall between the three sizes!!!
To measure myself, I followed carefully some main guides you can find googling, including the rei.com one. I measured myself with the help of two(non-expert) persons and I measured Torso, Waist and Chest(chest using wikihow guidelines). I measured myself without any cloth.
These are the result
Torso: 16.9''/17.7'' Waist: about 36'' Chest: 37''

I'm 6'23'' tall and I'm 165-182 pounds

About torso: I've done two measures, because it felt like there was two bones and I didn't know which one was the C7 exactly, so I've taken two. Between 165 and 182 pounds because it depends if I follow a diet and if I'm doing sports.

I can understand why I'm a S according to Chest, yes, I should fix it with some exercises, but what about torso?! I'm 6 feet tall. Waist: I'm not fat, but I wear a L according to waist. According to Torso, a S(/M, I could also wear a M actually, but a S fit better the torso measure I've got IMHO).

Unluckily, I can't try this backpack in a store, and there aren't stores which sell a lot of this stuff near me. No way then, I must buy it online. What can I do? Any tips from some experts on what size choose and/or what to do?
Any help appreciated. Anyway, I understand how much is important to choose the right size!

A little note: I've long legs(more than what most people have) but I've also a quite long back, more long than what most people have. I've always though I was proportionate(apart chest), and most people think I am, so... I don't think my heist is only thanks to leg, they're long but back is also quite long. What I'm trying to say is that I don't think I've a short torso because I've very long legs and short back, I don't think I'm in this situation.

Thanks in advance for any reply

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