So in all the excitement of my REI dividend check arriving, my first "bang for the buck" purchase was around my sleeping system. I've yet to decide on the bag vs quilt option, so I decided to concentrate on the sleeping pad. I currently have an EMS rectangular air pad that weighs in at just shy of 33 oz and has an unknown R rating, but I imagine it is in the 1.5 - 2.5 range.

I saw that REI has the NEMO Tensor pad in a variety of lengths/widths. Since I am a creature comfort sleeper, I didn't want to concentrate solely on cost and weight. This pad measures in at 78" x 25" x 3" - I am a stomach sleeper and will use every inch of that! The weight is 20 oz so I am saving nearly a full pound on just the pad. Excited for my new toy to arrive... my question is, does anyone have any experience with these NEMO pads? The R rating is not provided (red flag?) but everything else seems to look like exactly what I need.
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