I’ve been using a zpack 20F quilt since 2010. I’ve never had a problem with drafts. But that’s because Joe cleverly sewed a zipper in it. Below 35F I zip it up. The zipper lies under me and I don’t feel it. And I don’t need a draft collar when the zipper is underneath. Entering and exiting a zipped up quilt was easier than I thought. And it has been great carrying a 17oz quilt vs a 32oz bag.

I do not like the idea of cinching a quilt around a sleeping pad. That leaves too much air to warm up.
With the zpack quilt (and all quilts) I pull the neck string tight. That keeps the shoulders warm. Then I wear a beanie down to 30F or a balaclava down to 15F. I always put a pack towel over my face and breathe into it. This keeps frozen breath off the down AND keeps my head real warm. Frost will form on the other side (of the towel). Cheap towels don’t work.

The only layer I wear to bed is my black synthetic long underwear. But at 20F (the quilt extreme), I add my montbel synthetic jacket and WM booties.

I’ll sleep on my back most of the time. I miss sleeping on my side. I tried but my neoair gave me numb arms. And then I discovered Sea To Summit insulated pads. Their bubbles/pockets are amazing. Now I can sleep on my side w/o numbing shoulders!

May everyone have a good night sleep.