“I hear about people using alcohol stoves in colder temperatures. when is it too cold for an alcohol stove?”
Well the alcy stove is what the arctic dog sled teams use since it will always light.
My White Box is similar to the OP. I melt snow with it. No wick needed. If a wick is needed, then I think there are better designs. In fact I test my alcy stoves at 0F at sea level and if they boil with no help (no wick or priming), then it’s a good design and will work at all altitudes and temperatures.
Some tips of the winter trade:
1. When boiling water, start a seed of snow first and then add to it.
2. Use a > 2” x 2” foil (aluminum flashing is strong) under the stove to reflect heat back up. Put the foil on a small section of CCF pad. It will melt to the pad but then it will become a great insulator from the cold ground.
3. Above 40F an alcy stove will light just by getting the match flame close to the alcy fumes. However, at 0F, the match flame must touch the alcy. For the White Box, that’s why I prefere a match over a cig lighter.
4. You can keep your alcy and stove in your pocket to keep it warm before using. Howver, I kept them outside at 0F and it still lit up. Regardless, warmer fuel does work faster.
5. The White Box (or the OP’s stove) is great for melting snow since it holds more alcy. But be careful with these stoves that are their own pot holder. When you life off the pot, the flame will follow the pot for quite a distance (like a foot). The pepsi stoves that have external pot supports do not exhibit this phenomena. Also pepsi stoves will bloom faster than white box stoves since they have thinner aluminum walls (just something to note).
6. Use a wind screen. Of course that’s true all year.

I just love alcy stoves because
1. I know exactly how much fuel I have; no need to take a backup.
2. Can store in cheap plastic bottle
3. The cheap container is light!
4. Easily refillable.
5. No landfill hassle
6. If it leaks or spills, it doesn’t eat your pack; it cleans your pack!
7. I use the soda can stove the most. It’s only 1/2oz!
8. No moving parts. Thus no tools or spare parts to carry. Nothing to get plugged up. No threading.
9. It has a 0% failure rate on the AT.

What takes a little more skill with an alky stove is determining how much alcy to pour in. This comes with practice at various temperatures and altitudes. And it’s not problem for me. Or you can be clever like our scout master. He snuffs his out with a cupcake foil and pours left over fuel back into the container. To me that requires patience.

Congrats on your alcy addiction,
-The mountains were made for Tevas