I wasn't able to find much about this so I thought I'd ask: has anyone used an elephant foot or other short bag and puffy for their sleep insulation here?

I'm contemplating it because I am warming to the idea of wearing more of my insulation to sleep. Maybe I just like the idea of technical pajamas. I don't see this system saving me any weight, but only shifting it into clothes I can wear in the evening and morning.

Either way, I don't like to get out of the down cocoon in the morning, even less at night after I've tried to drown a salty dinner with more than my usual water intake. Also, it does seem logical to wear the puffy and pants I already bring instead of just keeping it handy.

I'm just wondering if there are any caveats before I make the leap into a smaller bag. Or into a smaller quilt. MLD makes a half quilt that might work, too.

Thoughts? Warnings?