Hello! I need help from the ultralight experts. I have recently decided to go ultralight and I need a new tent. The problem is I live in Canada and our dollar is weak right now. So I'm wondering if the zpacks Solplex is great enough for me to shell out $850ish cad to have it?? I'm going to have to buy an American product either way but the zpacks is the most dramatic increase in money. I'm also looking at tarptent Protrail which will cost me about $370 cad. Not too bad. My only concern is the controversy surrounding cuben fiber. It seems many people say it's wears more quickly than silnylon and punctures easily. If I spend $850 I'd like to get many many years of service including a thru-hike. Any zpacks owners? Protrail owners? I get this is a silly question because either way I'm going to have to deal with the exchange rate..I'm just looking for reassurance lol thanks. First forum post ever so sorry if I'm lacking detail. Cheers