Lodgings (even primitive cabins) in or near the path of totality have been bought up (by big brokers) for several years. I understand that's true all the way across the country.

With three of us in my family each trying on several different dates for campsites, we actually managed to reserve one. That's one success out of a dozen attempts. With who knows how many people hitting the "reserve" button on recreation.gov exactly at 10:00.00 Eastern time, only one can get through. Unfortunately the limit is six persons per site and there may be as many as twelve of us. We may have to hide the the extra 6 in the bushes until after dark! Of course Monday night, after the eclipse, the campgrounds will all be empty!

There are of course a lot of USFS campsites that are non-reservable, but I suspect the only way to get those is to go up and snatch a vacant one 14 days before the eclipse. That of course means staying there for 14 days!

Don't forget safety--special eclipse glasses equivalent to #14 welders' goggles are a must to avoid burning holes in your retinas! Back in 1979 we used half a dozen layers of exposed photographic film, but, alas, that's no longer available.

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