For those that don't know there is going to be a great total solar eclipse on August 21st this year across the norther US (North-west to south-east).

A friend mentioned it to me back a couple months ago so we decided to put together a trip. Yellow Stone/Grand Tetons/Jackson Hole, WY are well situated but fully booked or prohibitively expensive even 8 months out. We poked our nose around a bit and found the Sawtooth National Forest as a great target. Looks like a beautiful area, not as popular as national parks and campground reservations only available 6 months in advance. Well four of us spent this weekend (three days in a row) up at 7 AM with up timing the submission exactly at the opening of the reservation window and ending up with exactly zero campsites!

One particular campground we were looking at (Point Campground on Redfish Lake) looks to be hotter than Yosemite valley and is booked all summer long. Has anyone been there?

Our plan B is to try getting a walk-up only site, but I'm pretty nervous about that based on our trouble booking a site. I'm also considering looking for a wilderness spot, but with my young kids it would have to be with-in 3 miles of a trailhead and less than 1000 ft of elevation gain. Anyone have any suggestions?