Jerky doesn't need Prague Powder or any other cure when it is dried properly. I overdry mine and have not had any problems with spoilage. Even so, it's a good idea to freeze homemade jerky for long term storage. The recommendations for wild game jerky call for drying at temperatures above 160 F and adding a cure to kill pathogenic bacteria. Real Pemmican appears to have been made with powdered jerky and fat. Fruit may have been added, but not usually. I have been tempted to make something like Tanka Bar, but have not yet done so. The idea was to mix meat and fruit, run it through the grinder with some seasonings, extrude it and dehydrate it. If I do make some, I will probably use Prague Powder or Morton Tender Quick in the mix to retard spoilage. I was planning to use venison, cranberries and cherries. If you look at a Tanka Bar package, you will see Celery Juice in the list of ingredients. Why? Celery Juice contains Nitrites, and is a cure. Using Celery Juice allows manufacturers to leave Nitrite off the list of ingredients.