Keep on truckin' as the Dead used the sing. '

I'm not old but my knees are twice as old. Love mountain hiking, especially uphill (go figure - I've short legs so I'm slow on the flats but climb like a goat). Did the Presidential Range last summer (35 anniv. of doing them) and limped through it with knee issues.

Barely hike since then. Did one super steep climb in northern GA (Arkaquah Trail from Trackrock Gap) and that did it. Had Euflexa injections, but can only do 3-4 miles on flats. Even two hours of bike riding and the knees are toast for a few days. Growing old isn't for the faint hearted!

Time for the replacements. Was hoping to get by til next winter so I won't miss wildflower season, but if I want to be in the woods it will have to get done this summer - after rare wildflower season!

At least I can paddle!

Bill in Roswell, GA