I'm doing a bit of day dreaming about a wind screen for my stove set-pocket rocket & 750ml Ti pot. In the past I've used a premade heavy aluminum foil wind screen....as of last outing it's worked fine. But, it surrounds both, the burner as well as the butane tank. So I normally prop up the screen so that fresh/cool makeup air is drawn into the area of the canister. It's worked OK...but this approch seems way too precarious to leave un attended. ( and then the top of the screen is needlessly way too high to do anything) So I'm thinking that in addition to cutting down the existing screen and elevate it using Ti. rod. The rod from most all supply places seem needlessly expensive and way too big in dia. It occurred to me that perhaps flux coated electric welding rods might be an reasonable approch, after I crush/clean the flux off. Has anyone bought them from their local welding supply house?..thinking I'll need three rods approx. .063 dia(1/16").. Finished length, about 8"

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