I'm looking for information on good places to paddle with my son over spring break that are close to home (deep East Texas). There are actually several paddling trails, but none of them quite fit what I had in mind.

* still easily navigable waters (we're beginners)
* out and back so we only need one car and no shuttles
* free camping location(s) to paddle to and then back out (or onwards to the next campsite) the next day

The army corp of engineers has free campsites just north of Martin Dies Jr. State Park in the Angelina and and Neches rivers that almost fit the bill. I have two concerns with this location though. One, the rivers may be quicker flowing and have more obstacles than we really want to deal with, especially if it's been raining. And two, due to the current, it may prove to be more of a challenge than we're prepared for to do it as an out-and-back verses simply traveling one way downstream.

Does anyone know of a resource for finding good spots? Perhaps an outdoor forum specific to my location? I'd ask at a specialty outdoor shop, but I don't know of any, just chains that cater more to hunting and fishing.
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