I was checking out Popular Mechanics " 2017 Best Outdoor Gear" piece and they have this Campfire Defender product that's pretty interesting.

It's not really "backpacking" gear, but could certainly be used in a group backpack if you did some load sharing.

The concept is sound and of course I looked at it with a view for how it would compliment my campfire tent. In the demo videos they lay the cover on the ground when the fire is burning, but if you stake it up to make a wall behind your fire it could reflect more heat towards you and your tent.

If you laid it down in front of the fire it would make a nice ground cover patio for the tent.

And, if you had it set up and a wind came up it would only take a few seconds to cover your fire, which is the intended purpose, and you could start it back up fast and easy if it was just a popup storm or a fast moving front blowing over, which is very common here.

Now they just need to make it under 8 ounces and $30 and I'm in!! laugh

"You want to go where?"