Hello all,
I'm very interested in doing some snow camping and I'm having a heck of a time picking a tent that has the vestibule space I need (Read as big as possible) without needing to take out a 2nd mortgage on my home.
I'm in love with the Hillebergs, but I just cant afford one right now and curious if anyone has some suggestions. I have found a decent looking Hillman tent on Amazon, but really cant find any good information about them.
I live in the Pacific NW so solid 4 season tent seems to be a must. Any suggestions? Thanks!

P.S I'm sure it shows, but I am a newbie to winter camping in a tent, but not to camping in general. COst is a concern, but I would rather get the right tent first rather then buying multiple tents
I'm also and adventure motorcyclist so I can also use the tent for that.

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