It looks like it has been several years since I last posted a gear list, and I think I'm due to get some new input.

My brother and I are doing five days on the Alabama Pinhoti, as a jump off to section hiking it this coming year. I'm expecting average daytime highs in the low- to mid-50s and nighttime lows in the mid- to upper-30s, though this of course could be wildly different. Here's my planned list:

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Base weight, before any changes, is just over 22lbs for five days. Loaded weight, not counting clothing worn, is 30.83lbs -- that assumes my normal two quarts of water.

A few notes:

  • I am saving up for a Jacks 'R Better Greylock 3 underquilt and Sierra Sniveler quilt, which should drop my insulation weight to 41oz -- a savings of a pound and a half. That said, I most likely won't be able to afford either for a while, because baby diapers and formula are expensive.
  • If the low temperature is forecast to be 50 or higher, I take my surplus Army poncho liner instead of a sleeping bag, which saves me about 2.5 pounds.
  • I am also saving up for a lighter, smaller pack. Once I get the top and under quilts, I can get a better feel for how compressible they are and thus how small of a pack I can go with in winter. Another option that I'm strongly considering is keeping the Big Bear for winter and getting a much smaller (say, 40-45L) for summer, since I don't carry a whole sleeping bag in the warmer seasons.
  • I know I can save a couple pounds by going to a tarped ground setup, but I'd prefer to stay with my hammock. I am looking for a better, lighter, strap setup.
  • I'm strongly considering switching from the Katadyn Hiker Pro to the Sawyer Squeeze or Mini or another light filter. I need to filter in the neighborhood of two gallons a day shared between two people. Would the weight savings be worth the switch?
  • I'm about to buy a set of polypro base layer that will be lighter than a pound of fleece. That way I can dial in what I take based on expected worst case temperatures.
  • I could lose a pound by leaving the phone and charger behind, and I just may do that. On the other hand, it's hard to let go with a wife and baby at home. If it was a quick overnight, then certainly. Five days is a bit long, though, especially since it doubles as an e-reader and has a GPS function.
  • 17 ounces is too much for a stick, so I'm going to find a lighter one. A neighbor cut down a crepe myrtle last week, so I'm going to see about using one of those branches to carve a new one.

Okay, so what do you think? Am I missing anything obvious?

I'm especially feeling like 8lbs of clothing is a bit much, but for the expected temp range (and especially if I get a lighter base layer), each of the items are important. Is this about where everyone else is for the same temperatures?

One last note: I've bookmarked the "7-day, 27lb gear list" on the front page of the site. It's helped so far, and it may help again in the future.

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