The fruitcake I used to make was mostly raisins, golden raisins, dried currants, nuts and candied cherries (I used some candied citron but not much). Lots of butter and eggs to hold it together, not much flour. It was very moist and heavy! It was supposed to be made about 6 weeks ahead and kept wrapped in layers of cheesecloth soaked in brandy. On Christmas Day I would warm it up and serve it flaming (more brandy!) for dessert. Although the fruitcake was big, it generally disappeared before Epiphany (January 6). I haven't even thought about making it since my kids left home, a long time ago.

It would actually make a good concentrated snack food for backpacking, in small slices, and (at least for me) without the brandy. I prefer to eat the nuts and dried frut separately, though.
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