"I own too many shoes, but why wouldn't you want to change up for different conditions?"

Yup, in general I think that anyone would like to do that, apart perhaps from having to buy and store too many pairs of footwear.

On longer trips, however, changing shoes/boots to fit the current conditions is a very heavy luxury, i.e., carrying a second pair of any sort of footwear isn't something I'm keen on. The closest I get to that is to carry a set of microspikes for snow/ice in limited situations, and then mail them home as soon as I think I won't need them again (or at least "can do without them") on that trip.

I bought a pair of (Neos brand) overboots at one point, thinking that they would be a good compromise for snow-intensive (but not 100% walking always in snow) trips --- i.e., trail runners in limited or no-snow, and put on the overboots when the snow gets deep enough that they're warranted. But: I didn't end up using them. Too heavy, and bulky, at least for "my style" of hiking.
Brian Lewis