I have a KHP new in box waiting as a backpup. I used one for 20 years+ until I clogged it on a glacial lake and a friend's Sawyer saved the day. The pump handle snapped off because of the clogging. Admittedly, I should have rigged up some kind of pre-filter step with cloth and a pot. I've now used the Mini-Sawyer for going on 5 years and the KHP may never come off the shelf again. I can buy 2.5 Sawyers just for the price of a replacement filter. The only downside is it can't freeze, but I've used it extensively in the cold by back flushing out as much water as I can and carrying it in a pocket. It's small and doesn't bother me in any way, so it's really not an imposition. The 16 oz. dirty bottle is a pain, I use a 32 oz. Evernew as a replacement. Beware the Platypus bags, as they have a different thread. They'll go part way and leak, which defeats the purpose! You can also rig it into a gravity system, as it will work beneath a water bag. Glen's suggestion of the baggie is spot on, take it to heart. I have a GSI cookset that is covered by a rubber stiffened cover that is suppose to act as a little sink. This works great, as does a smart water bottle with the top cut off. Or the baggie. I end up getting water out of a lot of places with sediment, so I like the dirty water scoop to have some stiffness to hold it shallow. When you factor in the weight savings, the Sawyer really stands out. Have a great hike.

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