We're doing the Salkanty Trail with Mountain Lodges of Peru. A few days of 12,000 ft elevation, a couple at 14,000 and one at 15,250!

You then go downward to about 8,000 ft for the rest of the trip. 65 kms over 6 days. Nice comfy beds, hot tubs and showers at night.

I do love these boots. And I mentioned the scar never bothered me for the first few hundred miles of use and break in. I know what you mean about the rubber on the inside....I think this was my hot spot on my pinky toe. Got the boot stretched a bit and all seems well now. Time will tell.

I try and walk daily and wear the boots when doing so. It's not like I put them on every 6 days or so.

First thing I'll try when things are better is two pairs of socks or at least get rid of the thicker wool socks I was using when this happened.

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