I tore my calf muscle back in 2003 and have a three or four inch scar on my achillies.

Just starting to train for a Peru hike in 2017 and bought a comfy pair of Vasque hiking boots. The break in period went well and other than one particular hot spot on a pinky toe, they have been great.

Got the boot with the pinky toe problem stretched a bit and all is well, but now I have another problem.

I have Merino wool socks and regular winter socks (not sure what they're made of but probably a mix).

I had a small spot that was sore and I put duct tape over the scar but did not wrap it around the whole leg. Now I have a really sore and roughed up scar.

So, suggestions?

First, I guess wrap the whole leg, not just the scar?

Any other suggestions? I wear only one pair of socks and I read about others that wear two? Would this help any?

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.