I'd echo most of what the other said about the revolver, camp chair, filter, etc.

Camp chair - if you are just looking for some padding at rest stops you could look into cutting a sit pad out of closed cell foam or something like that Probably weigh ~4oz or less. If you like the actual seat aspect of it I'm not aware of any lightweight solutions.

A few other things I noticed. First aid kit looks bulky, I see a lot of things that look like they could be repackaged. I think a few places sell small micro bottles and containers to repack things in smaller amount. You might be surprised how much you can lose just by repackaging things.

GPS - assuming you have a smartphone you can probably replace the GPS with the phone. Backcountry navigator pro or Gaia GPS both seem to be pretty popular GPS apps and allow you to download maps from caltopo and other sources.

Kindle is tough, I doubt printing out a few chapter would really be lighter, and might be more annoying to deal with. If you have to read, the kindle seems like a pretty good option. Some people read on phones, but probably not as battery efficient for longer trips.

Can opener - the can opener might be very light, but the cans you opening aren't. A can of beans/chili might be a pound by itself, plus you have to pack out the can. I would look into lighter foods (assuming you are bringing canned foods). Freeze dried, home dehydrated, whatever it happens to be.

Sleeping Bags - Depending on your thoughts on quilts and desire to spend money, you could probably drop almost a pound or more here depending on season. The alway summer bag weighs 26 oz on Marmot's website. The EE revelation 40 degree weights less than a pound. Several other companies also make quilts if you are interested.

Cotton T shirts - wool shirts might feel better than synthetic if the synthetic is what bothers you. Icebreaker and Ibex are ones I'm familiar with.They can get pricey though and in my experience aren't as durable long term. I switched back to polyester shirts after my second icebreaker shirt developed a bunch of holes after not that much use.

I like the picture style for a gear list by the way. I feel like it helps connect things, and makes it more obvious what you are carrying.