simply awesome - thanks guys!

revolver: bear spray? string of fire crackers? it's mostly for the flash-bang effect. I don't hike in bear canister areas.

chair: as shown is 1'10", the bag its in is 2ounces, so I'll lose that at a minimum.

pillow: is there a lighter option besides existing clothes? I have others which feel like a balloon. Maybe a pillow case that fits over a folded sweatshirt.

knives: never used unless i'm catching/eating fish

water: I'll look into the mini-sawyer

space blanket: 1.5 ounces, goes on tent floor as insulation and puncture resistor. i'll drop this in the summer for sure

clothing: Kuhl polyester convertable pants and Kuhl shorts, cotton Tshirts, yah heavy, one on my back, one in the bag. I can't handle non-cotton shirts, maybe you can help me find something that feels like cotton? Things dry easy in california (no humidity)

Kindle: print the next couple of chapters in a book?

gps: i'll drop it if i'm going to a known area, paper maps. I don't know how to use a compass.

glasses: get disposable magnifiers, lose the glasses case?

The 27lb 7-day pack list was my inspiration for this gear, that's a fantastic resource. I still can't believe he's at 27lbs with food and water.

I weighed what you see in the big kelty pack with a 1.5lb sleeping bag, and i'm at 26'8". A new Osprey Exos bag will put me at 22'10" base load. (no clothes, no food/water, no revolver). Fuel cans were mostly empty.

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