I know this is an old thread... but I just wanted to relay my recent experiences.

I recently took the NOLS Wilderness First Aid Course (great class, I highly recommend it!). Apparently California has just become one of the few states in the country that have a certification process so that people with fairly limited medical training can get a prescription for an Epipen (for use on others). The NOLS course here in California included that training.

The idea is that most poeple's first time experiencing anaphylaxis do not have an epipen available (duh!). When your in a wilderness environment this could be a serious issue. The state is trying to get more epipens into a wider range of places. Great idea imho. Of course Epipen's manufacturer is trying to cash in at the same time and the cost has sky rocketed recently ($50 to $750).

I was pretty sure I wasn't going to spend $750 for a drug I probably will never use and expires in 1 year, but I liked the idea so I submitted my application to the State of California (and $15 fee). I don't think NOLS is aware, but in addition to the epipen training and first aid training (WFA course meets that requirement), you need CPR training (which the WFA class did not include).

Great idea, but unfortunately I won't be carrying an Epipen around in the wilderness with me....